How to generate DFP Passback tags - Publisher FAQ - FAQ

DFP passback is the best way to ensure your inventory if not monetized by advertiser will be sent back to your Ad Server. Which can then be monetized by other advertisers. 

To create the Passback tags from Google DFP, follow the instructions:

Steps (screenshots attached)

  1. Login to DFP and click the Inventory tab
  2. Click the Generate tags 
  3. Search for the ad unit you need to generate Passback tags for and click Include button to select it. Once selected button switches to Included
  4. Ensure correct ad units are added in the Selected Items list
  5. Click Generate Tags towards the bottom of the form
  6. Select Google Publisher Tag from the drop down menu and click continue
  7. Ensure correct ad size is selected. If incorrect, follow select the correct Ad Unit in Step 3
  8. Check the Create passback tag and click continue
  9. Ensure Standard GPT Syntax is selected and click continue
  10. Copy the code snippet under Document Body
  11. Save the code in a notepad or textpad(Mac) and email it to Or
  12. You can raise a ticket and paste the code with in discription 
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