How to generate DFP Synchronous tags - Publisher FAQ - FAQ

Sychronous tags are used when the ad tag doesn't work within iFrames.

Follow the steps to generate Sychronous Tags

  1. Login to DFP and click the Inventory tab
  2. Click the Generate tags 
  3. Search for the ad unit you need to generate Passback tags for and click Include button to select it. Once selected button switches to Included
  4. Ensure correct ad units are added in the Selected Items list
  5. Click Generate Tags towards the bottom of the form
  6. Select Google Publisher Tag and click continue
  7. Under Select Tag Options, check Enable Synchronous Request and click continue button
  8. Copy the code from Document Header and place the code snippet within the header section of your site
  9. Copy the code from Document Body and place the code snippet within the body section of your site or before tag

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